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If so, you've come to the right place. I'm Dax, and I'm here to help.

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Imagine knowing the answer to these common questions...

What's the #1 change that will grow my business?

How can I effectively integrate AI?

Why is no-one buying my products?

Is my business / product a winning idea?

What type of marketing will work best for me?

How can I make sure I choose the right person for a role?

Why are my ad campaigns not working?

What's stopping my prospects from signing up?

What is the best way to scale my business?

"During my time working with Dax, I experienced significant growth and development. As a master communicator, Dax taught me the importance of crafting a compelling story to engage customers and stakeholders. Thanks to his guidance, our company achieved tremendous revenue growth, and I gained valuable insights into empathetic and effective communication. I wholeheartedly recommend Dax as a coach and mentor for anyone seeking to improve their business." - David Fiandaca

You believe you CAN do it,

so why haven't you yet?

For me, it came after 5 years as the co-founder of a marketing technology company. On paper everything was great. We had been backed by some of the best investors, we had built a team of rockstars, and we even had the sort of big acquisition that makes headlines.

But after a year in an executive role at the public company that purchased us, I washed out - exhausted and broken from a role that I probably should not have accepted.

It took time (and a great performance therapist / coach) for me to realize that being 'a startup guy' had become one of the core pillars of my personality. I had sacrificed relationships, time with my kids, and a big part of myself, to go build something that was never actually going to deliver what I really wanted.

Starting & growing a business is hard, (I've been privileged to have done it 5 times), but turning that business into something that will help you achieve your REAL goals is almost impossible on your own. "If I had known then what I know now", as they say!

As a dad to four teenagers...

I understand what my responsibilities are, the life I want to build for my kids, and the life I want to make for myself, and for the rest of my family. I used to think I always knew that, but if I had focused in advance on what my real goals were instead of just chasing the money, I would have perhaps found success sooner and would have sacrificed less time with them.

I learned the hard way that true success comes from...

>> Being unashamedly hungry for success. There is nothing easy about being an entrepreneur, and the successful among us are chasing a BIG target and feel great about that. If you're going to put in the time it should be an investment that returns.

>> Knowing your REAL goals. It's the goal that makes the grind possible so make sure you understand what your desired outcome is, and how to write that goal down so every day it keeps you going.

>> Looking after your physical and mental health. Working hard, putting in the hours, and making some sacrifices are all part of the job, BUT if you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of the business, and your family.

>> Developing the skills, learning the knowledge. Continuous investment in yourself leads to bigger returns. With limited time this can be very hard, so finding an efficient way to do it is critical.

>> Supporting others in their own projects. My kids of course come top of my list, but I have also discovered that by helping a broader set of people whenever I can, my community, my support group, and my business all grow too.

>> Being held accountable. You are 94% more likely to succeed if you hold yourself accountable to a 3rd party! Isn't that astonishing?!

When I finally mastered these, everything become easier. For my next chapter I knew I was done for a while with helping the mega brands do their marketing. I wanted something that would satisfy my itch to support entrepreneurs, and so by applying these new skills, I founded FIRESIDE - the first high-quality, low-cost subscription marketing business for SMBs! We have hundreds of happy Clients on subscription, and even though the model took a lot of hard work and time to get right, it has become such a great business that we replicated it to make a podcast production business too.

With FIRESIDE I have finally eliminated the marketing headache for people just like you, but they often had broader hurdles in their business and in their own minds that I also wanted to solve. Coaching was the right next move for me, and I could not be happier.

I will support you becoming a champion of the core 6 habits above WITHOUT you needing to make the same mistakes I did. Your personal and professional goals will become a consistent and sustainable reality for you too.

Your 1st step is to schedule a free, no obligation, 30-minute growth session with me!

How to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

I know that you likely experience many of the following emotions...

1. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

2. Struggling to achieve work-life balance

3. Uncertainty around how to grow the business

4. Feeling guilty about missing family time

5. Lack of clarity around goals and vision

6. Feeling isolated and unsupported

7. Difficulty with sales and marketing

8. Feeling dissatisfied

The good news is that they are all normal!

I have worked alongside some of the greatest entrepreneurs and high-functioning executives in the world, and I can reassure you that almost all of us battle with these same thoughts. The difference is that the high-achievers have adopted simple and basic habits and skills to use these feelings to their benefit, not to hold them back.

What if...

you had a partner that already knew how to do this, not because they read it on a how-to-be-a-coach course, but because they have lived it for over two decades, using it to build multiple successful businesses, (and to pick themselves up from their failures!)?

If you're ready to get started and claim the success you know you deserve, then GREAT! I'll be thrilled to help you.

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"Dax always leads by example. Being successful is more than just your job – it’s the ability to also dedicate time to the people and things that matter to you. You’re only as successful as the team you develop and developing people takes a personal touch – Dax has really perfected that. He helps you find your passion and intertwine that into your personal and professional life. Business doesn’t feel like work because there’s more to it, there’s a reason behind it. He also has a great touch of reading and understanding people. He makes success possible, fun, and valuable!"- Lauren Kelley

"An impactful business coach will possess an important mix of experience, brains, and personality. You will look for someone who is dedicated, who can motivate and build confidence on both a personal and professional level; someone who can adapt and translate successful methodologies and tactics to your specific goals, industry, and challenges; someone who uses their experience in both the successess and failures to provide unique insight on proven strategies that drive growth, help you manage change, and become more accountable; someone who can instantly recognize opportunity, spin up new ideas, and inspire you to effectively lead the team(s) who help to implement them. That someone you’re looking for is Dax!" - Chris Navin, fractional CMO