Current Portfolio

Today my primary focus is as a coach and advisor. However, I have been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to found some great companies, which is what gives me the experiences that help me coach. These businesses are now each operated by extraordinary leaders, from whom I learn something every time I meet with them, and who also have given me my time back.

Additionally, I am an investor in some fascinating companies, typically connected to the marketing & advertising world.

Founder & CEO

AI Tools and Automation to help business owners easily take advantage of AI, while, working to the big goal of offering plug & play (non-human) marketing teams.

Founder / Partner

Replicating the model we developed for FIRESIDE, we brought the same idea of combining quality and affordability to the world of podcast production. Great for existing and brand-new podcasters. Everything included – you record, we do the rest!

A HiveCast Company

The first-ever podcast amplification service. We take the valuable content a podcast generates and have that placed on hundreds of publishers with a combined readership in the millions. Be on Business Insider, Yahoo, and many others.


Developed from a passion to finally solve the problem of providing high-quality, affordable, and effective digital marketing to small business owners. Low subscriptions, cancel any time. Meta/Google/TikTok Ads, Social Media, Email, SEO, Content, and more.



A collection of Ad Tech veterans running programmatic campaigns of all types. A team for hire, with significant experience, access tomost platforms (including The Trade Desk), and a focus on fair and honest pricing.


PebblePost is the world’s leading Digital To Direct Mail marketing platform, helping hundreds of brands to reach consumers at home with timely, relevant mail that activates buying decisions and drives conversions everywhere.


OpenReel™ is the leading Remote Video Creation™ platform that empowers enterprises, consumer brands, media companies, and agencies to direct and film professional quality video content from over 125 countries.


Edison Interactive is a leading out-of-home (OOH) content management system (CMS) for connected devices in golf cars, rental vehicles, hotel rooms and more. With a predominantly Fortune 500 client base, EI was founded in 2016.