Be 94% more successful in 30 days just by texting your goals!

Unlock the personal and professsional success you’ve been working towards. 

No expensive journals, no time-consuming new habits, no inconvenient weekly calls. Accomplish 104 major goals over the next year with just a SMS message!

No long term contract, cancel any time.

I tried everything before I found this…

Hello! 👋

As a business owner I became used to having too many items on my To-Do list. I just accepted that I would never get everything done, which would make me feel guilty and like I was never going to reach the success I knew I was capable of.

For a short while I had success using an accountability journal that asked me to set goals monthly and quarterly, plan out my week, and come back to write about things I was grateful for. 

It worked for me… for about 3 weeks! Sure, I had the neatest looking, color-coded journal you’ve ever seen, but no lasting positive effects.

Maybe it’s because writing in my accountability journal wasn’t one of my accountability goals (!) that it didn’t work, but it also wasn’t anything like any habits I already had.

I could absolutely answer with clarity what my core focuses were when I was asked, but the habit of the journals just didn’t play out, as it doesn’t seem to for most people. I also was NOT going to pay $hundreds a month for a 1:1 coach either.

As a coach to small business owners I saw my own experience repeating in their lives to. Too many To-Do items, not enough focus.

What we all have in common is a phone, and the habit of responding to people by text message. What if the journal I had could be simplified down to the core success factor of just one or two MUST DO items, and be more like a 1:1 Accountability coach that texted me….

Welcome to THRIVE!Mate

Your 2 Weekly Goals

End of Week Check-In

See Your Progress!

Your own personal dashboard. Track your personal and professional success any time! 

No long term contract, cancel any time.

Why THRIVE!Mate Works

1.Social Expectation: As Humans, we are wired to meet expectations and avoid negative social consequences. Making a commitment to an accountability coach creates a powerful social expectation that motivates individuals to fulfill their goals.

2. Self-Consistency: According to cognitive dissonance theory, we strive for consistency between our actions and our stated intentions. When we declare a goal to an accountability coach, we feel compelled to act consistently with that declaration.

3. Feedback Loop: Weekly check-ins with an accountability serviceprovide a feedback loop, reinforcing behaviors that are beneficial and helping to correct those that aren’t. Behaviors followed by positive outcomes are more likely to be repeated!

4. No New Habits: Perhaps the most important, and UNIQUE to THRIVE!MATE.We use the phone we all have in our pocket, and we use simple text messaging that we’re all doing all the time!

Stuck in the same old cycle?

“I want to spend more focused time with your my family & friends!”

“I need to spend my time on the projects will finally make my business grow!”

“I always worry that I am not finding the timeto work on my own wellbeing!”

“I keep putting off the tasks that I KNOW would make a big difference!”

Like many entrepreneurs we’ve helped, you know you could be moving ahead faster. But despite all your hard work, it feels like you’re always playing catch-up.

Many people try to solve this by turning to the same old strategies: self-help books and tracking journals, pricey expert courses, or coaches that require you to commit to weekly meetings.

But these rarely work because they just add more to your to-do list!

Just like my own experience, they work for a little while, but then they fail once the initial excitement goes away.

Rise to your full potential!

Identifying what truly matters to you, both in your business and personal life, and applying the principles of productivity to your weekly plans, provides you with an edge, generating impactful results.

This shifts your focus from just working within your business to strategically improving it. All this allows you to hit your ambitious targets in business, and enjoy more time for personal pursuits, without being tethered to your workspace or compromising your freedom and self-direction.”

“3 times last week I made dinner with my daughter!” ❤️

“I finally called the people I had been introduced to, and closed 2 deals!” 💰

“I got up and went for a walk twice this week!” 🎉

“The most impactful items on my To Do list for done!” 😎

Simple pricing.

$9 / month

No long term contract, cancel any time.

Common questions

Q: What is SMS-Based Accountability

It’s like your own personal accountability coach, without any annoying meetings, journals or courses! Everything happens through simple text messaging.

Q: HOW Does The Service Work?

Each week you will be asked to provide your priority PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL goals. Just hit reply to the texts and we will record them for you. During the week I’ll check in with you, and then at the end of the week I’ll ask you to rate how well you THRIVED at each goal from 1 to 5.

Q: How Do I Track My Progress?

Just text MENU to retrieve your personal dashboard link any time. See your previous goals, and your success over time.

Q: Can I Pause / Cancel Any time?

Yes! There are on long term commitments.

Q: Can I Track My Success?

Yes! Text MENU at any time to retrieve the link to your own personal results dashboard.