** Launches May 30th! **

Texting your goals can make you 94% more successful!

Unlock your potential and thrive, one week at a time, with ThriveMate – the SMS accountability tool that helps you stay focused on your personal and professional goals. No expensive journals, no time-consuming new habits. Accomplish 104 major goals over the next year with text messaging!

I tried everything before I found this…

Hello! 👋

As a business owner I became used to having too many items on my To-Do list. I just accepted that I would never get everything done and that would make me feel guilty and like I was never going to achieve my personal and professional goals.

For a while I had success using an accountability journal that asked me to set goals monthly and quarterly, plan out my week, and come back to write about things I was grateful for. 

Accountability worked for me, and I had the neatest looking accountability journal you’ve ever seen….. for about 3 weeks!

Maybe it’s because writing in my accountability journal wasn’t one of my accountability goals (!) that it didn’t work out for me, but it also wasn’t anything like habits I had before that.

I could absolutely answer with clarity what my core focuses were when I was asked, but the habit of the journals just didn’t play out, as it doesn’t seem to for most people. I also was NOT going to pay $hundreds a month for a 1:1 coach either.

As a coach to small business owners I saw my own experience repeating in their lives to. Too many To-Do items, not enough focus.

What we all have in common is a phone, and the habit of responding to people by text message. What if the journal I had could be simplified down to the core success factor of just one or two MUST DO items, and be more like a 1:1 Accountability coach that texted me….

Welcome to ThriveMate…

If I texted you right now and asked what your primary personal & professional goals were for this week, the MUST-DO item that will actually have a positive impact on your life and your business, I bet you could text me back quickly with the answer!

What if I did that every week? And what if I did that when the week ends too to ask you how you did?

That’s accountability, and it can make you a massive 94% more successful.

Imagine being 94% MORE successful

Accountability coaching is a powerful tool for achieving personal and professional goals. Working with an accountability partner can provide the structure and motivation you need to follow through on your commitments, even when faced with obstacles or setbacks. By setting regular check-ins and deadlines, accountability coaching ensures that you stay on track towards your goals and helps you develop the habits and skills necessary for success. Additionally, having an accountability partner can provide a fresh perspective and new ideas to help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals more efficiently. Whether you’re looking to start a new business, improve your health, or simply make progress towards your personal goals, accountability coaching can provide the guidance and support you need to succeed.